Set FSM string action

Used to set a string value. On a FSM, click on the bottom-right “Action Browser” button. Choose “Set fsm string” action. Input the variable name that you want to set up in “Variable name”. Input the wanted string in the “set value”. Even if this action seems to be self-explanatory, there is a huge mistake […]

Animating Sprites

 estimated time : 7 mn ingredients needed : Unity, Playmaker (this recipe is part of the footvolley game menu ) Detailed Steps Sprite sheets. Slice a sheet in the editor mode. Create an animation. Looping an animation. Making transition between animations. Moving between transitions by script.   What is a sprite sheet ? A sprite […]

The Resources folder

Resources folder Create a folder called “Resources” in the asset folder. What is it used for ? The resources system is used in Unity to load and unload Objects at runtime. Recommendations Unity strongly recommend NOT TO use it, mainly for performance purposes as it can increase the startup time and the length of builds; […]