Animating Sprites

 estimated time : 7 mn ingredients needed : Unity, Playmaker (this recipe is part of the footvolley game menu ) Detailed Steps Sprite sheets. Slice a sheet in the editor mode. Create an animation. Looping an animation. Making transition between animations. Moving between transitions by script.   What is a sprite sheet ? A sprite […]

The Resources folder

Resources folder Create a folder called “Resources” in the asset folder. What is it used for ? The resources system is used in Unity to load and unload Objects at runtime. Recommendations Unity strongly recommend NOT TO use it, mainly for performance purposes as it can increase the startup time and the length of builds; […]

Avoid physical collision between tagged gameObjects

This script avoid collision between 2  rigidbody/collider with a specified Tag name. Let’s create a new script :  and copy this into it: using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;   public class avoidByTag : MonoBehaviour {   public string tagName;   void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision){ if(collision.gameObject.tag == tagName){ Physics.IgnoreCollision(collision.collider, GetComponent() ); } }   }using System.Collections; using […]