Set FSM string action

Used to set a string value.

  • On a FSM, click on the bottom-right “Action Browser” button.
  • Choose “Set fsm string” action.
  • Input the variable name that you want to set up in “Variable name”.
  • Input the wanted string in the “set value”.

Even if this action seems to be self-explanatory, there is a huge mistake that you want to avoid :

In the “Variable name” field, you’ll be tempted to directly point to the list of created variables instead of manually enters it. By doing so you tells the action to check for a variable name contained into the variable.

If you input manually “display” into the Variable name, and you input “Hello” in the set value field.
It means :
display = “Hello”,

If you choose “display” as variable name by selecting it directly from the list, and input “Hello” in the set value field, it would means :

display = anyVarCointainedInIt;

anyVarCointainedInIt = “Hello”;

So be aware of this trick

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