About hobbyist game development

Developing game when it’s not your full-time job is really exhausting. As your time is not an infinite ressource, this website is here to help you to avoid the main mistakes that every game developer beginner runs into.

“What a nice game idea !”

Yes, you always want to make the better games of all-times when you start. This GTA like in your own city with the ability to travel into time, and a lot of exciting features that no one put into a single game. But hey, before starting to modelize your city, let’s bring your expectation a little lower, would you?

Just so you know, it took 3 years of full production to more than 1000 people to make GTA V. If we bring back this to one (insane) person, it would take 3000 years for you alone to do it .

Counting on the fact than you can of course manage the jobs of programmers, graphic designers, animators, sound designers and so on by yourself.

So the next more rational step is to prototype a little game idea of yours, a simple idea, which doesn’t rely on heavy graphics or whatever.

If you manage to turn your idea into a fun prototype, you made a third of the way. You’ll soon begin to realize that even the simple ideas are not that simple to produce. If you think that Tetris is the simplest game to code, think again 🙂

“Let’s cook !”

Game-recip.es mainly focuses on the Unity game engine. It’s not the only game engine available on the market, but it’s a powerful and versatile tool, capable to achieve your original concept into a playable game.

Here all is arranged as a cooking book. With standard recipes to implement common features in games. Each recipes provides a time to be developed and some required ingredients (plug-ins, required steps,etc..).

You can just choose the recipe that you want in order to implement a precise idea (how to move a character, fire a shot, getting a function to be executed after some time..).

Then follow it by watching the video and/or reading the explanations (If you’re not a fan of watching 5mn videos for a step that took you 10sec).

Or you can follow a set menu, that is a full project explained from the start.
These main courses are made of independent recipes that converge to a full playable prototype.

“Time is priceless”

Sometimes you’ll find in the requirements of the recipes some unity paid plug ins (but never luxury pro price though). It might seems to you a bit exaggerate to pay for a hobby. But you don’t have time to reinventing the wheel as you create from your spare time . Of course you can always find a way to do everything by yourself.

But again : as hobbyist, your time is the most precious resource, so don’t waste it where a few bucks can save it. And believe me, a finished game is priceless 😉

Also don’t forget to visit game-recip.es Patreon in order to get more articles and contents. Of course, only if you’ve found this site helpful.

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